Eeducation is key to develop society

A good education can provide people with essential skills for coping with the challenges of contemporary life. Unfortunately, many of those most in need do not have access to education, often because it is locally unavailable, or because of domestic and economic pressures, or because it has traditionally not been accorded much value. These problems are compounded by the fact that the experience of education is unattractive to most children, resulting in high push-out rates.

The Education Programme is JSK's oldest programme, and has evolved considerably over the years, shifting from the earlier focus on adult education to its current emphasis on spreading appreciation of and making available quality education, particularly for young children.

The new approach is based on the hypothesis that it will lead to a demand for quality education from government schools. At present, the work of the Education Programme can be divided along three broad lines: JSK work with Bridge course centers is at present the largest component of the Education Programme. These centres provide children who would otherwise be deprived of schooling with access to quality education. They are run by regularly trained local instructors, increasingly under the supervision of their JSK monitoring body and Gram Siksha Samiti .

This program is supported by Jhakhand Education council under its SSA umbrella. The Bridge camp school has objective is to bridging the gap of non-school going children and mainstream school. For one year the children studied in this camp school, take up their initial learning and when inculcate with the habit of reading and writing than they admitted into primary school for their further schooling. To promote schooling among the children, JSK has distributed shoes among 8960 children's of 31 Schools and 24 Anganbadi Centres of Mandu, Gomia, Chatra and Katkamsandi blocks and they carried out several meetings with parents and also with children to ensure their participation in school.

Research studies

Five research studies have completed during this year in four districts.

  • JEPC Ramgarh Impact of mid day meal and NPEGEL centre
  • JEPC Giridih Impact of Para teachers
  • JEPC Chatra Impact of Para teachers
  • JEPC Khunti Impact of VEC (Village Education Commitee)
The studies not only outspoken the present situation of the programs in their respective districts but also gives their valuable field and critical suggestions to take and understand the programs need.